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Unlocking Change:
Empowering Through Education

Course Highlights: A Holistic Approach to Inmate Transformation


Welcome to Prison101 ed's revolutionary approach to inmate education – where the power of peer-led learning takes center stage. Our Prison 101 educational courses are more than just curriculum; they are transformative journeys designed to empower incarcerated individuals to become facilitators of their own growth. At the heart of this approach is a belief that shared experiences and mentorship hold the keys to successful reintegration. We understand that true empowerment goes beyond traditional education, requiring relatability, empathy, and a sense of purpose. This innovative methodology draws its strength from the profound personal journey of our visionary Founder, Ms. Dalis Freixa. A decade ago, during her own incarceration, she began crafting these very courses that are still being used today to catalyze transformative change. Her passion, experience, and tireless advocacy have shaped a new paradigm in inmate education, one that bridges the gap between aspiration and achievement. Through our unique peer-led model, we cultivate an environment of trust, support, and shared aspirations. Join us as we explore how this visionary methodology not only transforms lives but also strengthens communities and ignites lasting change.

Breaking the Recidivism Cycle: Empowering a Positive Path Forward

  • Understand the root causes of recidivism

  • Learn strategies to break the cycle and build a promising future

Pathways to Employment Success: Job Readiness and Financial Literacy

  • Develop essential job readiness skills

  • Craft effective resumes and cover letters

  • Navigate financial challenges post-release

Rebuilding Family Connections: Strengthening Bonds Beyond Bars

  • Foster healthy family relationships during and after incarceration

  • Overcome obstacles and rebuild vital connections

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Support: A Holistic Approach

  • Address mental health challenges post-incarceration

  • Tackle substance abuse issues with tailored strategies

Navigating Social Reintegration: From Virtual Worlds to Real Networks

  • Embrace technology advancements for social adaptation

  • Learn to rebuild and expand social networks in the digital age

Equity and Inclusion: Combating Injustice and Discrimination

  • Address racial and social disparities head-on

  • Promote inclusivity and equity throughout the reentry process

Creating Consistency Through Unity: A Nationwide Solution

  • Highlight the need for a unified approach across institutions

  • Advocate for consistent, structured programs to maximize impact


Taking Action for Change: Your Next Steps

Elevate your awareness and commitment to transformation. Explore the success stories of our "Transitioning Back Into Society" program and experience firsthand the impact of empowering reentry education. Join our movement to reshape lives post-incarceration and be a part of a collective effort for change.

Get Involved: Be an Agent of Transformation

Join us in the journey of reentry education that builds brighter futures and stronger communities. Your involvement matters – take action today.

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