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About Me

Profile: A Visionary Leader with a Proven Track Record

As the CEO/Founder of Prison101 ed, I bring more than 20 years of diverse industry experience, complemented by a robust educational background, to create impactful change within correctional systems. With a focus on effective communication, strategic planning, and fostering transformation, my goal is to empower inmates with the knowledge and skills needed for success beyond prison walls.

Areas of Expertise:

I possess expertise in a range of critical areas, including:

  • Public speaking and creative writing

  • Strategic planning and leadership development

  • Community outreach and program development

  • Team building and mentoring

  • Sales and recruiting strategies

  • Budget development and staff coaching



  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in English, University of Miami, Miami, FL

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, University of Miami, Miami, FL


Professional Experience:

CEO/Founder - Prison101 ed (Current Position)

  • Skillful coordination with subject matter experts, design teams, and clients

  • Profound knowledge of instructional design methods and practices

  • Crafting engaging instructional content for diverse environments

  • Designing curriculum for traditional and online learning formats

  • Implementing effective message design principles for Internet content

  • Driving training and implementation of educational programs


H.E.R.O. Foundation - CEO (2009-2016)

  • Strategic planning and budget management

  • Policy development and media representation

  • Relationship cultivation for enhanced mission impact

  • Collaboration with the Board of Directors on decision-making

  • Oversight and collaboration with organizational staff


FL Home Loans, Inc. - President/Principal Broker (2000-2010)

  • Pioneering consumer, commercial, and real estate loan standards

  • Leadership and management of a 50+ member loan originator team

  • Recruitment and management of sales/business team

  • Productivity enhancement by over 50% through innovative strategies

  • Recognition as top mortgage loan producer in Florida by J.P. Morgan Chase


Parcs, Corp. - Entertainment Director/Tour Promoter (1989-2000)

  • Effective resource, project, and relationship management

  • Strategy execution for revenue growth and event success

  • Collaborative engagement with division leaders for strategic alignment


Skills and Expertise:

  • Proficiency in software tools: Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, CRM systems, project management tools, financial software

  • Effective leadership and team management skills

  • Strategic planning for business growth and operational efficiency

  • Strong written and verbal communication abilities

  • Analytical problem-solving and change management

  • Public speaking and presentation prowess

  • Grant writing and fundraising expertise

  • Sales direction, recruiting, and relationship-building capabilities


References are available upon request. Please feel free to reach out for further information or clarification. Together, let's drive impactful change and contribute to brighter futures.

Dalis Freixa

Leveraging Expertise for Transformative Change





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