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Revolutionizing Inmate Education with Peer-Led Excellence

Welcome to Prison101 ed's revolutionary approach to inmate education – where the power of peer-led learning takes center stage. Our Prison 101 educational courses are more than just curriculum; they are transformative journeys designed to empower incarcerated individuals to become facilitators of their own growth. At the heart of this approach is a belief that shared experiences and mentorship hold the keys to successful reintegration. We understand that true empowerment goes beyond traditional education, requiring relatability, empathy, and a sense of purpose. This innovative methodology draws its strength from the profound personal journey of our visionary Founder, Ms. Dalis Freixa. A decade ago, during her own incarceration, she began crafting these very courses that are still being used today to catalyze transformative change. Her passion, experience, and tireless advocacy have shaped a new paradigm in inmate education, one that bridges the gap between aspiration and achievement. Through our unique peer-led model, we cultivate an environment of trust, support, and shared aspirations. Join us as we explore how this visionary methodology not only transforms lives but also strengthens communities and ignites lasting change.

Positive Impact on Community, Participants, and Corrections
  • Uniting Stakeholders for Collective Growth

  • Nurturing Safer Communities through Reduced Recidivism

  • Nurturing Prosperity: Economic Contributions

  • Cultivating Harmony: Positive Institutional Environment

  • Achieving Transformation: Rehabilitation Goals Attained

  • Showcasing Progress: Strengthened Public Image

Honoring the Vision and Dedication of Ms. Dalis Freixa
  • A Journey from Personal Experience to Vision

  • Empowerment Rooted in Real-World Wisdom

  • Resilience through Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Pioneering Continuous Evolution and Excellence

  • Collaborative Spirit: Amplifying Impact Together

  • Unwavering Commitment: A Personal and Global Mission

Benefits of Peer-Led Approach

  • Peer Facilitators: Champions of Leadership

  • Inclusion Criteria for Peer Facilitators

  • Exclusion Criteria for Peer Facilitators

  • Empowerment and Skill Development

  • Economic and Rehabilitation Advantages

Training and Credentialing for Facilitators

  • Equipping Inmates for Inspirational Leadership

  • Thorough Training Requirements

  • Mastery of Teaching and Facilitation Skills

  • Peer Mentorship: Nurturing the Peer Connection

  • Upholding Ethical and Professional Conduct

Monitoring and Ensuring Program Fidelity

  • Upholding Quality through Diligent Oversight

  • Stewardship of Program Supervisors

  • Unveiling Excellence: Regular Classroom Observations

  • Listening to Participant Voices: Feedback Mechanisms

  • Gathering Wisdom: Facilitator Meetings

  • Reflecting and Refining: Quarterly Reviews and Audits

Target Audience and Inclusion Criteria

  • Guiding Inmates Toward Triumph in Reentry

  • Nearing the End of Sentence

  • Empowering Inmates as Trailblazing Facilitators

  • Inclusion Criteria for Participants

  • Exclusion Criteria for Participants

Effective Teaching Methods for Holistic Learning

  • Igniting Inmates' Potential through Multifaceted Approaches

  • Illuminating Concepts with Engaging Lectures

  • Cultivating Discourse through Interactive Discussions

  • Empowering through Role-Playing and Activities

  • Welcoming Expert Voices: Guest Speakers

  • Enriching Learning with Diverse Resources

Evaluating Outcomes and Completion

  • Gauging Transformation and Success

  • Pre/Post-Tests: Illuminating Knowledge Gained

  • Navigating the Path: Tracking Attendance and Engagement

  • Amplifying Voices: Comprehensive Surveys

  • Unveiling Insights: Reflection Essays

  • Illuminating Long-Term Impact: Follow-Up Surveys

What Our Clients Say

Susan McBride, Re-entry Coordinator, B.O.P.

"Prison101 ed's educational programs have been an invaluable asset to our re-entry initiatives. The comprehensive curriculum and unique peer-led approach have had a transformative impact on our incarcerated individuals. The peer facilitators, trained by the program, bring a level of relatability and understanding that traditional instruction often lacks. Witnessing the growth, confidence, and skill development of our participants has been truly remarkable. Thanks to Prison101 ed, we've seen a positive shift in attitudes, increased job readiness, and a stronger sense of community among our inmates. This program is not just educational; it's a catalyst for change and a vital tool for successful reintegration."

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