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Speaking Engagements with Dalis Freixa: Transformative Talks for Change

Why Choose Dalis Freixa as Your Speaker?
Dalis Freixa is not just a speaker; she's a transformational force, and her unique qualifications, experiences, and insights make her an exceptional choice:

Personal Journey: Dalis's journey, including her remarkable transformation during incarceration, is a testament to the power of change and resilience. Her dedication to prison reform is rooted in her personal experiences, making her a passionate advocate for transformation.

Notable Achievements: As a New York Times best-selling author and a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience spanning various industries, Dalis brings a wealth of knowledge and success to her speaking engagements.

Speaking Engagement Options:

Dalis offers a diverse range of speaking engagements, each tailored to specific capacities and settings, ensuring a customized experience for every audience:


Small Capacity Speaking Engagements

Description: Ideal for smaller groups or intimate settings, these engagements provide a deep level of interaction and personalized insights.

Examples: Workshops, seminars, small conferences, panel discussions, and more.

Benefits: Small capacity engagements allow for meaningful connections, one-on-one interactions, and in-depth exploration of topics.

Pricing: Pricing varies based on the event's duration, location, and specific requirements.

Middle Capacity Speaking Engagements

Description: Designed for mid-sized audiences or events, these engagements strike a balance between interaction and scalability.

Examples: Conferences, corporate training sessions, university lectures, and more.

Benefits: Middle-capacity engagements offer the advantage of reaching a broader audience while maintaining a personalized touch.

Pricing: Pricing is tailored to the event's scope, duration, and unique needs.

Large Capacity Speaking Engagements

Description: Tailored for larger audiences and high-profile events, these engagements have the potential to influence change on a significant scale.

Examples: Keynote speeches, major conferences, public seminars, and more.

Benefits: Large capacity engagements ensure maximum reach and impact, making them ideal for addressing pressing issues on a grand scale.

Pricing: Pricing is determined based on event specifics, including size, location, and customization.

Customization and Collaboration

Dalis understands that every event is unique. She offers full customization to align her presentation with specific themes, topics, or event goals. Collaboration with event organizers is encouraged to ensure a seamless and tailored experience that resonates with the audience.

Booking Process

Booking Dalis Freixa for your speaking engagement is a straightforward process:

  1. Initial Contact: Reach out to Dalis through the provided contact information, expressing your interest and event details.

  2. Consultation: Dalis will schedule a consultation to discuss your event's objectives, audience, and desired outcomes.

  3. Contract Signing: Once the details are finalized, a contract will be prepared for signing, outlining all terms and agreements.

  4. Event Preparation: Dalis will work closely with your team to prepare a presentation that aligns perfectly with your event's needs.

Dalis Freixa's speaking engagements are more than just speeches; they are transformative experiences that inspire change and empower individuals and organizations to make a difference in the world. Choose Dalis as your speaker, and together, let's embark on a journey of transformation and impact.

A Visionary Leader on a Mission

Dalis Freixa
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