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Dalis Freixa

My Story:
From Darkness to Light and Resilience

My Journey: From Fear to Freedom

As you embark on this journey with me "Shaping Your Second Chance: A Roadmap to Reentry Victory," I, Dalis Freixa, invite you to walk with me through my own story - a journey from the depths of incarceration to the heights of advocacy and empowerment.

Incarcerated for three years in one of Florida's toughest women's prisons, I faced a reality that was both daunting and transformative. The moment I stepped into prison, I made a pivotal decision - to turn this challenging phase into an opportunity for growth and impact. My roles evolved from leading the Orientation Dorm, where I facilitated the understanding of Chapter 33 - Dept. of Corrections rules, to becoming a teacher's aide, and eventually, the creator and instructor of a transition course. It was here, within the confines of prison walls, that the seed for Prison101ED program courses was planted.

The Power of Transformation

My experience in prison was a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. I learned to listen to the inner voice that whispered of a greater purpose behind my incarceration. This period of introspection and learning became the foundation of my passion to teach and share the insights I gained. Prison, I realized, is not just a place of confinement but a space for healing, transition, and transformation, provided the right tools and education are accessible. I witnessed the incredible growth and blossoming of many women, a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit.

Advocacy and Empowerment

Upon my release, I authored "Prison 101 Inmate Handbook," followed by my personal narrative "Broken Open," and then "Within Lies All The Answers." These works were not just books; they were promises to my fellow inmates - a vow to never forget them and to advocate tirelessly for those incarcerated.

In the realm of prison consulting and advocacy, women are few, but I have earned the reputation of being among the best. My message is clear and resolute: "There is nothing you cannot do." This belief is echoed in my latest book, “Within Lies All The Answers,” where I urge readers to trust in themselves and seek answers from within.

A Life Dedicated to Change

Today, as a mentor, best-selling author, and life coach, I live each day to its fullest potential. My diverse career path, spanning fashion, entertainment, finance, real estate, and prison reform, has endowed me with a unique perspective and approach. My teaching style is interactive, culturally sensitive, and designed to foster cohesiveness and rapport among diverse groups.

The Essence of Transformation

My books, lectures, and life's work converge on a central theme: the transformative power of embracing one's experiences, learning from them, and using that wisdom to guide and help others. As a prison reform advocate and life coach, I am committed to addressing the lasting effects of incarceration and turning them into positive forces for change.

Embracing the Journey

As you delve into your life's journey, remember that every mistake is a treasure trove of experience, guiding you forward in life and enabling you to assist others with your newfound wisdom. This is not just a course; it's a journey of transformation, and I am here to guide you every step of the way.

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